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Family Discounts & Family Share Plan
Downsize your budget but increase your family’s workouts!
Now at S2S, a family can share one package! Share with your spouse or dependent children!  Sharing can only occur within each household.  Before, each family member needed a current package, so if 2 members of your family came and bought a group package of 10, for instance, it would cost $600! Now buy a package of 20 group sessions for $500 and save $100 for the same amount of sessions!  Same package expiration rules apply (see policies). Family Share not applicable to Unlimited or 24 for 25 options.

Now families have 2 options at S2S! Family Share or our Family Discount

Family Discount: One member is in a regular price package, each additional family member gets 10% off their package.

We can help you decide which option is best for your family!