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Meet the Team

S2S Functional Performance is owned by a Licensed Physical Therapist and staffed with fitness professionals holding the highest levels of certifications. There are no classes offered at S2S with more than six students, and all sessions are completely personalized in order to meet the specific goals of each student/patient. Our tightly-knit staff has over 30 years combined experience in helping clients reach their goals.

No matter your current fitness level or limitations, we will have you feeling better than ever. We take a very unique approach to rehabilitation and injury prevention, and can guarantee a one of a kind workout you’ve never experienced before!

At S2S Functional performance, we serve and care for our community through safe and pivotal functional training methods allowing our clients to perform their favorite activities with more ease and less pain and strain. Through motivation, education and plenty of practice, the staff at S2S will have you reaching beyond your goals towards a stronger, healthier YOU!


meredith bio on Meet the Team page

Meredith has a Bachelor of Science from Baylor University and a master’s degree in Physical Therapy from the University of Tennessee Health Science Center. Meredith is also a Level II certified instructor through STOTT PILATES®.

As a physical therapist, Meredith also has experience in both inpatient and outpatient physical therapy. She excels in orthopedics and has a special interest in post-surgery athletes and designing custom orthotics.

Meredith has a strong desire for education and strives to learn something new everyday. In her own words, “The best professional is one who knows their strengths, where to look if they do not have the answer, and who to send someone to if they cannot find it!”

Meredith’s other interests include 14 years of dance in tap, jazz, musical comedy, modern ballet and pointe. In addition, Meredith has developed a love for running and has been devoted for the last 16 years. She has completed both the Disney World and the San Diego marathons. When she isn’t working or exercising, Meredith is enjoying family life with her husband and two daughters, Rylie and Sadie.

“My career is such a blessing. I have been touched by so many wonderful people. It is amazing how they come to me for help, and yet they also help me! ”

Meredith’s Testimony
Meredith’s dance background sparked her interest in Pilates. After dancing for 14 years, Meredith missed the outlet that dance gave her mentally, physically and emotionally. After running for 10 years thereafter, she realized that her body was no longer as flexible and as her muscles became imbalanced, she was becoming prone to injury. Throughout physical therapy school, Meredith studied the techniques and theories of Pilates and began practicing them herself.

“I feel that Pilates complements all areas of my life. It clears my mind and relieves stress, builds confidence through precision and controlled movements, it prevents injury and allows me to excel at other areas of my life including running and practicing physical therapy. I believe it is important to be passionate about the things that you teach. Because I was first a student, I want to share the benefits with others. I suffered from stress incontinence as a young girl. Once believed a problem for older generations, surprisingly a leaky bladder affects many young girls. As a cheerleader, dancer and active teen my achievements and performance level were limited because of this uncomfortable condition. After years of intermittently practicing Kegel exercises, Pilates has finally strengthened the pelvic floor muscles so that I can better perform the activities I enjoy.

Pilates can also assist other pathologies. I have a brother that suffers from a spondylolisthesis, a fracture of a portion of your vertebra, and has been forced to quit competitive sports and will most likely undergo surgical repair. However, when practiced consistently, Pilates has offered him relief and strength to enjoy life and continue work, as well as leisure activities. It may also halt the progression of the pathology.

I hope that you will join me in the pursuit of strengthening not only your body, but your mind as well…from ‘Sole to Soul.’”