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Becoming a mother has been one of the most exciting things that has ever happened to me; it has also opened my eyes to a plethora of women’s health issues that many women just accept as a part of life, especially after having a baby.  One of these issues is urinary...

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Back to School Injury Prevention

Back to school means back to competitive high school sports. The excitement of youth sports draws us all together. Many childhood lessons, even lifelong lessons, are taught on the field. Many positive outcomes emerge from participation in team sports. To keep children...

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4 Ways to Stick To Your Health Goals

Getting started is sometimes a bit of a challenge but staying “started” is the tricky part.  In my 26 years of experience in the fitness field, I have seen it all.  Indeed, I have gained great insight regarding why people seem to fail at their New Year’s Resolutions. ...

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Lexi Rix Spotlight

I first heard about S2S from a hip specialist who highly recommended Meredith based on her unique methods. Although I was living in Fort Worth at the time, I was willing to make the drive for a physical therapist so highly recommended by a great doctor. I had already...

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YOGA AT S2S: Inspiration from Lauren

What are some of the first thoughts that pop into your head when you hear the word yoga? Or maybe, what are some of the feelings you have associated with this word, either positive or negative. These are some of the questions you may ask yourself when considering...

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Where is my Sciatica Coming From?

As a health care provider, I often feel that the term sciatica is commonly used and perhaps somewhat misunderstood. However, overall there truly is a condition known as sciatica, so let’s get to the “bottom” of it! Lumbar Spinal nerves Simply stated, there are 31 pair...

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