Client Testimonies

“S2S is the BEST physical therapy facility for teenage girls in the entire Metroplex! Meredith and her staff are absolutely amazing! The most dedicated and focused group of physical therapists I have ever encountered. They UNDERSTAND the growing girl’s body. They have experience with dance and competitive cheerleading injuries and spend focused time with their patients building their bodies and minds back to being even stronger than before the injury. Thank you for supporting our girls in their chosen athletic events and literally, changing their lives!”  – Jennifer

“I started at a chiropractor for extreme back pain in 2005 after my second child. I ignored it for awhile of course then decided to see what was wrong. I followed all of their recommendations and went in everyday for what seemed like weeks. I got better but not back to normal. They recommended physical therapy. So I started at S2S in late 2008 I think. After getting back to normal Meredith invited me to start group classes. I loved group classes. My back felt great and I was getting more motivated to be healthier and in shape. I have been taking group classes and working out with Stott Pilates DVD’s and using equipment at home for 2 years now. I have lost 44 pounds, I have more strength than I ever realized and I DON’T have back pain. I have no doubt that had I not started groups and been consistent, I would be exactly where I started… with raging back pain! Thanks S2S!”  – Valerie

“Matt’s HardCore class was unlike any other training program I’d done in the off season before.  It worked all my small muscles and really strengthened my core, allowing me to report back to the University of Michigan in great shape.”  – Chris, a Junior, Forward for University of Michigan Hockey Team

“I reached my goal! That’s a loss of 13 lbs in 15 weeks.  The last time I weighed 135 was in 1998.  Since then, I have had a hard time cracking the 145 mark, and 140 was like a pipe dream.  Thank you for keeping me healthy and mobile in a fun yet always challenging way.  I will always be indebted to S2S for patching me up and getting me moving again.  The Doctors said I needed surgery with a 50/50 chance of injuring it again if I didn’t limit my range of movement and muscle strain.  Turns out all I needed was S2S!”  – Jeff

I think I have found the best exercise for me personally in Pilates, and hope I can continue this for many years to come! It is challenging, yet relaxing. It builds muscle and strength, without overstressing my aging joints. The best thing I can say is that I haven’t always looked forward to exercising, but with Pilates, I look forward to working out. It is much easier to stick with something you love!  – Paula

Working out with Lauren is always fun – she strives to understand one’s weak points and ensures that the exercises will strengthen those weaknesses. – Patricia

Meredith, I really enjoy working with you. What a difference you have made in my life. Five years ago I could barely balance and with two+ years of preparation I was ready for the second hip replacement. We have built such a level of trust. You have helped me through some rough times. Coming to your studio is the highlight of my day. – Sally

The only thing I can say is that at times over the past year I wondered if I would end up in a wheel chair due to my back issues. For someone who has always been in shape, healthy and strong it was a very depressing thought. I now have faith that with continued therapy and coming to class I’ll never have to be in that place physically. Pilates really works! Just wish I found you sooner!  – Christine

I had a twenty year history of low back pain issues which reoccurred several times each year. I was the typical executive who sat behind a desk for long hours, played golf and did weekend chores around the house. About three years ago I discovered S2S Pilates. I’ve been attending Pilates at S2s twice a week. My life has changed for the better in several ways. First, my back pain issues have been virtually eliminated. I could feel a significant difference in my “core” after about 20 sessions. No more low back pain. I feel better and stronger due to Pilates, which has motivated me to eat healthier. I’m more flexible and in tune with my body. This has helped me improve my golf game. – Paul

You guys are the best! Recommend S2S to everyone. – Jeff

I recommend S2S to all of my friends and can not imagine not having it in my life – I’m addicted! I love the staff and the facility. – Jennifer

I really enjoy all of you! Pilates has changed my life is a positive manner. I look forward to each session and regret when I have to miss. Thank you Meredith, Lauren, Alisha, Christi…and Veronica too!  – Paul

I love pilates at S2S. Both Lauren & Alisha are so accepting of me wanting to get strong & they are aware of individual issues & are looking out for alignment, etc. It has been a great experience. – Merle

Both my husband and I have noticed improved flexibility and better core strength related to less back pain. We are very appreciative of the excellent instructors and the training we are given. I plan to increase my training to 3x / week in the next 6 months. – Jeanne

“My July – January work schedule was so hectic that taking care of myself would fall by the wayside. I started doing my program in January and along with healthy nutrition have lost 20 pounds. I am very excited to remain consistent and share these awesome workouts.” – Matt Tittle

 “The S2S Hardcore workout is everything a great workout should be. It’s fast paced, strenuous, fun and completely rewarding. The concept of doing a variety of exercises at a high level of intensity really motivates you to achieve the goals that you’ve set out to achieve. Matt does a great job as an instructor-with his vast background in both playing and coaching sports at a high level, he helps to provide you with the confidence that you want so that you can keep pushing yourself to strive for more. In all, it’s a great workout and a great experience!” – Peter

“Matt’s class was an awesome combination of intense strength and endurance training-it got your heart rate up and your muscles burning! I’m stuck in an office most of the week and really feel attending Matt’s classes consistently could get me back to feeling like the athlete I used to be.” – Brooks