S2S Barre

Low-impact, high intensity classes that strengthen your body and train you to live healthy, energetic, and injury free.™

Barre Classes That Transform

S2S Barre classes are designed to strengthen and tone your body utilizing low-impact, high intensity movements which combine elements of ballet, yoga, and Pilates. You’ll have fun at each class with our expert instructors ability to combine choreography, music, and safe movement patterns! Our instructors are trained with the highest certifications and understand principles of stabilization to avoid overuse and injury, while still providing a great, effective workout! 

Be prepared to sweat and burn. The S2S Barre class, driven by music,  will combine muscular endurance with coordination and dynamic stability. Challenge yourself as you tone and lengthen your body in a way that is safe and beneficial.

Each class has the feeling of a boutique fitness environment. Our barre room is as beautiful as you are – with two barre heights to choose from and indirect lighting, you will feel your mood lift as well as your body!

Pilates  •  Barre  •  Hardcore  •  Yoga

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