GYROTONIC®/GYROKINESIS®,  so you can Live Healthy, Energetic, and Injury Free.™


At S2S®, our goal is helping you gain the movement your body deserves.

GYROTONIC® & GYROKINESIS® taught by an S2S® trained instructor will leave you feeling invigorated, thus, helping your body work as a balanced machine so that no muscle is overworked. 

These methods combine the benefits of yoga, dance, swimming, and Tai Chi through integrated movement patterns.  The fluidity of the movement is supported by medical professionals as it assists in the recovery of muscles, ligaments, and tendons.  The active assisted range of motion  provides relief for people suffering from arthritis as well as athletes recovering from a performance.  

GYROTONIC® & GYROKINESIS® have been growing in popularity across boutique fitness studios.  At S2S Functional Performance®, you will find expert instructors capable of utilizing the method to help you reduce back pain, neck pain and muscle pain, reduce stress, and improve your posture. This gentle and effective exercise method is sure to be exactly what you are looking for to complete your fitness regime. 

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What can I expect from a GYROTONIC® session?

Beginning a GYROTONIC®/GYROKINESIS® journey will empower you as you learn the art of this new skill. Whereas YOU will get better and better with practice, you can benefit from just one session. The instructor will guide you through movements within your own bodies limits working to improve blood flow and range of motion. 

Most of the GYROTONIC® exercises are performed on a GXS, Gyrotonic Expansion System, that is made of rotational discs and weighted pulleys. In a GYROKINESIS® session, a mat and a chair without equipment. This places the emphasis on your own neuromuscular system to identify where you are in space. S2S encourages progress over perfection and loves sharing our passion for movement with newcomers and experienced performers. Our yoga instructors complete 200+ hours of yoga teacher training through a Baptiste affiliate studio. 

What education is required to teach GYROTONIC®?

For a detailed background explaining the intensive training required for GYROTONIC® AND GYROKINESIS®, visit

Our instructors have special training for dancers as well as individuals with scoliosis.

At S2S Functional Performance®, our team of qualified professionals hold degrees in kinesiology, physical therapy and/or related fields as well as have many years of experience in the field of fitness, dance, and science.

Who is GYROTONIC® for?

GYROTONIC® is for everyone. As with all forms of fitness at S2S Functional Performance®, GYROTONIC® encourages a healthy spine and is completely personalized in its delivery.  Do you want to improve your posture? Do you want your body to move well? Do you want to be performing at your best in any situation? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this is for you! All sessions are appropriate for every fitness level, flexibility, and are open to all ages. Our workout studio room is bright and not heated, providing the best environment for you to train your body.

How often should I do GYROTONIC®?

GYROTONIC® should be incorporated into your fitness routine at least once per week to make sure you are protecting your muscles and your body from injury. If you are looking to make a big improvement in range of motion and endurance, we would definitely suggest at least twice a week. It is vital to functional training to add in a gentle routine to continue feeling healthy, energetic, and injury-free.

How does being more flexible prevent injury and increase athletic performance?

When building muscle, you shorten your muscles and range of motion. Stretching helps to re-lengthen muscles, allowing the joints to work in a fuller range of motion. This decreases the risk of overuse injuries. Having a balance between strength and flexibility is crucial to enhancing athletic performance. 

Can I incorporate GYROTONIC® into my physical therapy??

Often our licensed physical therapists are trained in multiple methods of fitness. Our team will also provide a unique and individual experience utilizing any of the equipment in our facility. Additionally, your physical therapist may recommend a session with a certified GYROTONIC®/ GYROKINESIS® instructor to accompany and add to the value of your treatments.

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