Pilates FAQ

What is Pilates?
Pilates is a system of exercise invented by Joseph Pilates in Germany during World War I. Originally called “Contrology,” the method began as a way to rehabilitate injured, bedridden soldiers. Once Joseph moved to New York City in 1925, he and his wife Clara opened a gym to bring Contrology to the U.S. The method, which focuses on proper breathing, improving posture, restoring balance to muscles and increasing core strength, quickly became popular with ballet dancers and Broadway performers. Soon after, celebrities and elite New Yorkers became Pilates devotees. Although Joseph Pilates died in 1967, his method is flourishing. At S2S, we follow the STOTT Method of Pilates, which emphasizes teaching to the individual body through a repertoire designed by medical and movement professionals.

Who is Pilates for?
Dancers, equestrians, current P.T. Patients, Golfers, Post-op Patients, weekend warriors and athletes of all levels.

How do I get started?
A one hour private orientation will allow our instructors to introduce you to the STOTT Method and assess the appropriate starting point for you.

I’ve done Pilates previously, so why do I still have to do an orientation?
To introduce you to our method and obtain a postural and movement assessment specific to your body, issues and goals.

Does Insurance cover Pilates?
No, but we have many options for packages to fit anyone’s budget.

How often should I do Pilates to see results or a benefit?
Case by case, but Pilates at S2S will enhance your current exercise regimen. Because of the nature of the method of STOTT Pilates, it can be done daily.