The Equipment


The Reformer is the most popular and versatile Pilates apparatus. A Reformer session will tone and lengthen muscles, strengthen the core and provide an invigorating total body workout. Sessions available as a private, duo, or group.


This is one of the original pieces of equipment used by Joseph Pilates. The Cadillac began as a hospital bed with hanging bed springs, but has come a long way. Clients can perform more than 200 exercises on this apparatus, challenging their muscles in multiple planes of motion, including upside down. 

stability chair

Also known as the Wunda Chair, the Stability Chair is appropriate for both elite athletes and rehab patients. This apparatus is often used for pre-natal clients because it allows for upright exercise. Don’t be fooled by its smaller size; the Chair allows for many advanced exercises that require total body strength and control!


Barrels offer many challenges and modifications to traditional Pilates exercises. The largest is the Ladder Barrel. This piece is fun and challenging! Because of the small, rounded surface area, it requires a great deal of control, body awareness, and strength. Small arc barrels are also used to accommodate different bodies and add variety to mat work.