Professional Counseling/Performance Consulting FAQ


What is Professional Counseling?

• Professional Counseling is a professional relationship between a licensed counselor and an individual where collaborative effort is used to identify the goals that an individual wants to work towards and challenges that they may need to work through. The process of counseling provides the individual with an opportunity to learn coping strategies, improve communication, and take the steps necessary to improve their overall mental wellness.

What is Performance Consulting?

• Performance Consulting is the practice of supporting an individual as they work towards optimizing their performance. Performance Consulting can assist in achieving your desired goals in athletics, academics, career, and other life goals.
• Did you know that parents can benefit from Performance Consulting as well? As a parent, we have dreams for our children, but sometimes knowing how best to support them is difficult. Here at S2S we not only support your athlete and student, but you as a parent as well.
• Most of us have heard of resiliency, but have you heard of an antifragility mindset? Performance Consulting at S2S assists with the learning of strategies, language, and skills to help individuals achieve an antifragility mindset. How is this different from being resilient? Becoming antifragile means that you have developed skills to not only bounce back to where you were (resilience) but become even better!

Why was I referred for Performance Consulting?

• Maybe you are having a difficult time achieving your goals or maybe you achieved your initial goal, but you want to strive for more. In many instances, when we are working towards our goals, we develop stress, loss of focus or loss of clarity about what our true goal really is. Our staff at S2S is exceptionally good at listening to our clients. If there is additional support or skills/strategies needed to achieve your physical goals the professionals at S2S may initiate a referral.

Is this covered by my insurance?

• Professional Counseling in many cases is covered by insurance. Performance Consulting in most instances is not covered. S2S Functional Performance is in-network with most private payers. If you are unsure of the type of support that you would benefit from the most, our Professional Counselor/Performance Consultant can work with you to figure out the best fit.
• S2S Functional Performance® does offer self-pay options for all of our services.

What should I expect on my first visit?

• Currently at S2S Functional Performance® Professional Counseling/Performance Consulting are provided via telehealth services. Telehealth is new to many of us, but it does have some advantages and ALWAYS delivers the same level of care. The opportunity to save time driving to an appointment or participate in a session during your lunch break. The telehealth process is easy to use and meets all of the HIPAA/Confidentiality requirements. During telehealth sessions you will meet with our expert, licensed professional counselor. The two of you will discuss your history and concerns, including the reason for your visit and factors related to your present condition. Together, you will discuss a treatment plan and establish goals. Visits will then be tailored to address your individual needs and goals. If new concerns arise, they will be discussed and incorporated into the treatment plan.