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why fitness at s2s?

The instructors at S2S are certified through nationally recognized associations and provide a safe and educational environment.  The renown concept and strategy at S2S enables a safe and lifelong movement journey. S2S is the ONLY facility that provides access to multiple disciplines and professionals working together as a team to serve YOU. As an S2S’er, you have accountability and service for life. From injury prevention to improving your mental acuity, our programs will keep you performing at your best. At S2S, we place great emphasis on functional fitness, core strengthening, and small class sizes in order to provide the best instruction possible.

What does “functional performance” mean?

We believe in equipping you to perform well, all the activities that you perform every day. The exercises performed at S2S will enable you to be the most efficient in your own body when you are not with us. Are you wanting to be able to do what you want to do- squat, reach, rotate, lift, push, pull, leap, jump? This is the BEST place for you.

Small Group Fitness

Regardless of our facility size and capacity, each group class is less than 8 people. This is the philosophy that we were founded on and makes us unique. We believe in giving each individual their best instruction. You will feel confident in making personal adjustments in your class to make YOUR body perform its best. S2S offers small group classes 6 days a week, with 70+ class times to choose from.

Private Training

Whether bridging the gap from a physical therapy plan of care back into a fitness regime, or wanting to take your game to the next level; our instructors can assist you in reaching beyond your goals.

Youth Fitness

We specialize in assisting youth stay healthy and injury free. We understand the demands that our culture places on youth in competitive sports. Our hope is assisting them in a life of good fitness. Empowering youth to understand good body mechanics and lifting techniques and to appreciate their bodies.  We understand the development process and will take young athletes and exercise seekers through a plan the is appropriate for them. There is a science behind graded exposure to lifting and strength techniques. We make sure your child is prepared.

Special Populations

The S2S instructors have spent time and research understanding the kinesiology and specialization of specific sports. Including but not limited to our unique classes designed for equestrians, dancers, pre-natal, post-natal, golf, football, baseball,lacrosse,swimming, soccer, basketball and hockey.