S2S Barre

S2S Barre classes rejuvenate your mind and tone your body so you can live healthy, energetic, and injury free.


designed to strengthen and tone your body

S2S Barre utilizes low-impact, high intensity movements which combine elements of ballet, yoga, and Pilates. You’ll have fun at each class combining choreography and music with safe movement patterns intended to build muscular endurance, coordination and dynamic stability.

These classes incorporate a variety of equipment, including light weights, bands, balls, a mat and barre. Our instructors are trained with the highest certifications and understand principles of stabilization to avoid overuse and injury, while still providing a great, effective workout!

Be prepared to sweat and feel the burn. You will leave feeling strong and energized for the rest of your day!

What can I expect?

S2S Barre is a high energy, fast-paced class that will always begin with a yoga warm up, followed by the main body of the workout, and finish with a cool down at the barre. The workout is pre-choreographed and set to upbeat music that will challenge your rhythm and coordination. The various exercises may be performed in standing, laying down on a mat or utilizing the ballet barre for support. Due to the low-impact nature of the workout, hand weights no heavier than 2-5lb will be used and there is minimal to no jumping involved. The high intensity comes from the high number of repetitions of each exercise performed, with the goal of working the muscles to fatigue!

Do you need to have a dance background to take a barre class?

No. Although dance terms, counting and choreography are all important elements that are used throughout a barre class, having a dance background is not required. We are here to meet you where you are, regardless of fitness level and experience, and we will make sure to fill you in on everything you might need to know to make your class experience seamless and enjoyable. Ask us about our private barre orientation to receive more information on how to get started. It is important to become familiar with the basics prior to joining your first class so you don’t skip a beat!

What should I wear to a barre class?

Because of the various movements and postures that will be performed throughout the class, come dressed in comfortable clothing that allows for freedom of movement and breathability. Keep in mind that there will be a lot of bending, stretching, lunging, squatting and SWEAT!

Pants or Leggings and grip socks are highly recommended.

Is it normal to have shaking muscles while taking a barre class?

Yes. Although not everyone will experience this to the same degree, “shaking muscles” is a very common and normal response when taking a barre class. This is one indication that you have worked your muscles to a point of fatigue. When your muscles get tired, the number of available motor units starts to decline, causing your muscle contractions to become less synchronized and will therefore begin to “shake.”

This does not however determine your level of fitness or ensure that you are performing the exercises correctly. It means that you are challenging your body and muscles in new ways. As you become more experienced and accustomed to the physical demands of barre, the amount of shaking may decrease as you build strength and endurance, but in some cases it may stay the same no matter how many barre classes you take and that is OK. It is important to recognize that everyone will respond differently so get to know your body and know your limits. Ask your instructor for more guidance to ensure that the workout is safe and beneficial for you!

Session Types


Individual training sessions last 55 minutes. These sessions are focused and hands-on, designed to develop your coordination, muscular endurance, total body strength, and overall fitness level. An instructor will lead you through exercises on all of our Hardcore equipment, as deemed appropriate by both you and the instructor. We recommend you complete at least three private sessions prior to joining a group session to ensure the safety and flow of our group classes.


Two individuals share a 55-minute session. These sessions can also incorporate many different types of equipment, both large and small. Each instructor is trained to modify exercises or positions as needed. Duo sessions are designed to achieve the goals of both individuals.


Hardcore small group classes will never have more than 8 people which allow us to recognize individual abilities and goals. This allows each individual to train safely and injury-free. Our instructors also provide one-on-one instruction throughout the class.


Unable to make it to class? Check out the S2S On Demand Library. If you have any trouble, please do not hesitate to give us a call.