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Why S2S Pilates?

Joseph Pilates invented “Contrology,” which we now know as Pilates, as a way to restore and maintain personal movement patterns. His goal has endured, helping people feel better moving in their daily lives.

At S2S, we have taken the principles of Pilates and applied contemporary advances to help you as an individual, knowing that everyone’s bodies are different. S2S hires only the best instructors certified in the STOTT method of Pilates. Developed and maintained by teams of medical providers and movement specialists, STOTT Pilates has updated Joseph’s original methodology and improved it based on current evidence (read more about this contemporary, proven approach here).

Clients must complete the Private Orientation session prior to participating in a group session.

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private sessions

Individual training sessions last 55 minutes. These sessions are focused and hands-on, designed to develop your Pilates skills and address your body’s needs. Instructors lead clients through exercises on all of our Pilates equipment, including each apparatus and small props. We recommend clients complete at least three private sessions prior to joining a group session to ensure the safety and flow of our group classes.

duo sessions

Two clients share a 55-minute session. These sessions can also incorporate many different types of equipment, both large and small. Each instructor is trained to modify exercises or positions as needed. Sessions are designed to achieve both clients’ individual goals.

group sessions

This session will consist of up to six clients and last 55 minutes. A group setting is challenging, fun and fast-paced. This session will foster development of the full Pilates repertoire with exercises appropriate for each client in the class. Here, increased skill is proportional to personal motivation. We offer reformer, mat, and cardio enhanced group sessions.