S2S Pilates

Restore and maintain your body through our accessible and challenging Pilates classes. At S2S, you’ll be empowered to live healthy, energetic, and injury free.™

Pilates That Transforms

Imagine your core being stronger than it is today – your spine being more flexible, your movement better than ever and your injury risk nil. S2S Pilates focuses on low-impact exercise that aims to strengthen muscles while improving postural alignment and flexibility. The movements you’ll learn will target your core and strengthen other areas of your body as well.

Pilates (invented by Joseph Pilates), is a way to restore and maintain your personal movement patterns. The goal of Pilates is to help you feel better moving in your daily life.

At S2S, we have taken the principles of Pilates and applied contemporary advances to help you as an individual, knowing that everyone’s bodies are different. The S2S pilates instructors are focused on extensive education and have been certified through nationally recognized institutions. Working alongside a wide array of in house experts makes them the best at what they do. S2S Pilates is a progressive and proven approach that takes Joseph’s original foundation and improves upon it through research and evidence (you can read more about it here).

S2S Pilates offers one-on-one attention and small class sizes to make you feel valued, known, and cared for. Our goal is to guide you towards a body that moves freely, helping you live the best in your body. Pilates balances all the hard work your body endures from normal activities with an invigorating and empowering restorative workout.

In order to provide the most individualized experience, it is recommended that all clients participate in a private orientation prior to participating in a group session. Knowing your goals is our priority.

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private sessions

Individual training sessions last 55 minutes. These sessions are focused and hands-on, designed to develop your Pilates skills and address your body’s needs. An instructor will lead you through exercises on all of our Pilates equipment, including each apparatus and small props. We recommend you complete at least three private sessions prior to joining a group session to ensure the safety and flow of our group classes.

duo sessions

Two individuals share a 55-minute session. These sessions can also incorporate many different types of equipment, both large and small. Each instructor is trained to modify exercises or positions as needed. Duo sessions are designed to achieve the goals of both individuals.

group classes

Group classes are small in nature, consist of up to six individuals and last 55 minutes. These classes are challenging, fun and fast-paced. These classes are designed to foster your development of the full Pilates repertoire with exercises appropriate for each individual in the class. Here, increased skill is proportional to personal motivation. We offer reformer, mat, and cardio enhanced group classes.

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