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You want to move your body like it was intended to and we will help you achieve that. From injury prevention to improving your mental acuity, our programs will keep you performing at your best. We place an emphasis on functional fitness, core strengthening, and small class sizes in order to provide the best instruction possible. Our renown concept and fitness strategy at S2S® enables a safe and lifelong movement journey. We bring the expertise of multiple instructors across a variety of disciplines (HIIT, pilates, barre, yoga, and more) to work together as a team to serve you. As an S2S’er, you will have accountability and service for life, as we seek to provide a safe, educational, and fun workout environment.

What does “functional performance” mean?

Your body was meant to work for you, not against you. We will equip you to perform well, all the activities that you perform every day. Every fitness class at S2S® will teach you how to be the most efficient in your own body when you are not with us.

Do you want a fully functioning body that is energetic and pain-free? Our fitness classes help you achieve just that.

Small Group Fitness

We believe in giving each individual their best instruction, which we believe is in a small group class environment. No matter the type of fitness class, every group class is less than 8 people which allows for personalized coaching. You will feel confident in making personal adjustments in your class to make your body perform its best. S2S® offers small group classes 6 days a week, with 70+ class times to choose from.

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Private Training

Sometimes, one-on-one training is exactly what you need. Whether you’re getting back to fitness after physical therapy, wanting to take your athletic performance to the next level, or want a private coach; our instructors can assist you in reaching beyond your goals.


No matter your physical ability or goals during or after pregnancy, the S2S® instructors have spent time and research developing specific classes for you. We desire to help you move, minimize low-back pain, and prepare your body for delivery. We will honor your place in pregnancy and guide you to specific classes best for you.

Youth Fitness

Youth athletes should be healthy and injury free. We understand the demands that our culture places on youth in competitive sports and how that can make them feel inadequate or unsuccessful. Our hope is to assist them in a life of good fitness, by empowering them to understand good body mechanics and lifting techniques and to appreciate their bodies.  We help young athletes and exercise seekers develop a plan that is appropriate for them – one that has graded exposure to lifting and strength techniques. No matter their age or skill level, we make sure your child is prepared.

Sport Performance Training

Are you a dedicated athlete looking to enhance your performance? The S2S® instructors have spent time and research understanding the kinesiology and specialization of specific sports. We have unique classes designed for equestrians, dancers, golf, football, baseball, lacrosse, swimming, soccer, basketball and hockey. Whether you are trying to make the team or improve your professional skill, we’ll help you reach beyond your goals and become the star athlete you know you can be.

Special Interest Groups

Maybe you have a condition that you feel is unique and unlike anything others face.  Life has challenged the way you are able to twist, turn, walk. Climb, squat or reach- We have been certified and trained to incorporate science proven methods to enhance the way you live. From scoliosis to oncology, dancers to wrestlers, post stroke to Parkinson’s, football to figure skating. We can help you.


I started taking group Pilates classes at S2S in Bartonville approximately ten years ago. Several of my golfing friends were taking classes and I wanted to try something new as I had been working with a private trainer. I wanted to continue doing exercise that strengthened my bones after being diagnosed with osteopenia about that same time. Pilates was completely new and different to me and I loved it right away. The stretching aspect along with the resistance was a perfect fit for me. I have branched out into the “Works” classes and now enjoy TRX and circuit training as well.

Maey H.

I learned about S2S from my wife. I could see the results and how much she enjoyed it so I gave it a try! I love the challenge of each workout. The trainers do a great job of constantly changing the exercises. The variety makes it challenging and fun. It also works the entire body including cardio. It’s motivating!


I continue to choose S2S because I am confident that I am working to strengthen my body in the exact way it needs. Through the physical therapy I learned so much about how to help my body and I continually learn through the knowledgeable staff members on the fitness side who know me and team up with me to care for my body. I don’t just attend classes to get a work out, I also get an education! I know that whether I’m feeling strong or having an issue, S2S will be there to help restore my body!



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