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Our Approach

At S2S Functional Performance®, we exist to serve and care for our community through safe and pivotal functional training methods allowing those we serve at our performance facility to get back to the life they love!

Your body is unique and we’re here to help educate and empower you to maximize its full potential. At our workout studio in Flower Mound, we draw upon the following programs to customize the exact training plan your body needs: physical therapy, licensed professional counseling, private fitness instruction as well as small group fitness classes. Through one-on-one attention and small class sizes, our performance facility strives to make you feel valued, known, and cared for. 

S2S Functional Performance is owned by a Licensed Physical Therapist and staffed with licensed physical therapists, licensed professional counselors, and fitness professionals holding over 100 years of combined experience as movement specialists.

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unique systems and philosophy

We have developed unique programs unlike any in the world that help you gain the movement your body longs for. At S2S, you will find a resource for all things related to movement that will empower you to live healthy, energetic, and injury free.

Programs for all levels of fitness

No matter your current fitness level or limitation, we will have you feeling better than ever. We take a unique approach to rehabilitation and injury prevention and guarantee a one-of-a-kind workout you’ve never experienced before.

Small, personalized classes

There are no classes offered at S2S with more than 8 students. All sessions are completely personalized to meet the specific goals of each participant. Our tightly-knit staff has over 100 years of combined experience in helping clients reach their goals.

The Mission of Our Workout Studio

Train to Live Healthy, Energetic, and Injury-Free ™

Train to Live Healthy

The potential given to the human body is astounding. Movement is directly tied to your overall health, so when movement is limited, so is your health. We work to improve the structure and function of your body, so you are equipped to accomplish whatever you have set out to achieve.

Train to Live Energetic

What if you could enjoy the body you have? Our team has developed a system and philosophy to empower your BEST self. You will enjoy your body and unleash your full potential. We will help you move from sedentary and sluggish to flexible and energetic. Be your best self.

Train to Live Injury-Free

Whether you are an athlete or a weekend warrior, we can help you stay injury-free. After all, the best way to heal from an injury is to never have one! We offer a unique environment for you to learn proper techniques to prevent injuries.

Information to Equip and Empower You

With over 100 years of combined experience as movement specialists, we desire to empower you with the knowledge and expertise through resources and educational articles. Just one more way we strive to train you to live healthy, energetic, and injury free.

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