The S2S Mental Performance Philosophy


A One of A Kind Experience

Our team of mental performance specialists have been uniquely trained to assist you throughout the challenges or the lulls of life, sports, and work. Our goal is to help you reach peak performance and find true joy in what you do each day through our one-on-one approach to mental training.

The History of Mental Performance

With mental health origins far predating this, the field of mental performance research and training came onto the map in the early 20th century. Ever since then, research and applied work looking into how movement (performance) impacts and is impacted by our thoughts, emotions, and beliefs. From its early foundations of simply enhancing performance, the field has grown to address areas of competitive stress, injury recovery, and many more.

Interesting Research

Between Beats: For more than 20 years, sports psychologists have been helping increase tactical steadiness by training sharpshooters to fire between heartbeats.

The Forgotten Season: While the competitive drive pushes athletes to train year-round, research is diving into the mental, physical, and emotional importance of utilizing the offseason with much needed rest.


One Size Does Not Fit All

While there have been trends and fads within the field just like in any other area of society, our team of mental performance specialists at S2S will always integrate the best practices available when they develop a plan of action that is just as unique as your dreams, goals, challenges, and talents. 


The S2S Core Values are played out in all areas of our practice.

First, we care about You. We know that just as every individual that experiences pain or injury in different ways, the mental challenges we face differ based on several factors. Our passion is establishing a relationship with you that serves as the foundation of helping you reach these unique goals.
Providing you excellent care is also one of our top priorities. As such, our team stays up to date with reading and understanding leading research in the field of mental performance. Your individualized gameplan will integrate evidence based mental performance skills that help you excel in all areas. As mental performance specialists, we have the tools necessary to understand your current situation and goals and screen for areas that may require additional care outside of our scope of practice.
Helping you achieve your goals is amongst the most important values we hold. From the beginning, we will seek to understand your goals and create a gameplan with you to meet these goals and more. We will walk alongside you with encouragement, accountability, and our knowledge. Don’t worry, our entire S2S Team has their own goals to achieve as well, such as furthering their education and making advancements in their professions.
The entire S2S Team will be committed to your care. We understand the experience begins when you make the first efforts to contact us. We are committed to helping you throughout the entire process. From the first establishment into our S2S family, to reaching your first set of goals, and throughout your entire journey… We are here for you.
Last, but not least, we believe in honoring you. We will honor your place in your mental performance journey, your desires and dreams, and of course, we are honored that you have chosen S2S for your movement needs! Welcome to the S2S Family!