Physical Therapy Direct Access

Texans May Be Seen Directly by a Physical Therapist

Direct Access

Good News For Patients

As of September 2019, individuals may seek care directly from a doctor of physical therapy and receive care without a referral for up to 15 days. 

The vision for the physical therapy profession, according to the American Physical Therapy  Association, is to transform society by optimizing movement to improve the human experience. 

The Appropriate Healthcare Provider

It is an honor to be able to assist you by providing hope, answers, and treatment without having to waste time.  Being seen FIRST by a physical therapist for neuromusculoskeletal care helps speed your recovery and avoid unnecessary time and cost.

The Best 1st Choice

When an injury happens, it is important to act quickly. Knowing how to properly respond to pain and trauma can assist in improved healing times. Studies show that receiving physical therapy first, can keep your symptoms from getting worse.  For individuals suffering from any nerve, muscle, or skeletal problem, PT can prevent surgery, help you manage pain and avoid opioid prescriptions, reduce overall healthcare costs, and get you back to living healthy, energetic, and injury free.

Get to the Cause of Your Symptoms

Our doctors of physical therapy will spend time with you. After listening intently and asking the right questions and coordinating this data with a thorough physical examination, we will provide you with a detailed plan of care. Our job is to help you receive hope, healing, and the proper steps to take to get you headed in the right direction to full recovery!  If a referral to a different specialist is needed, we will assist you in a collaborative care model.