What to Expect


Experience a new perspective

Whether meeting virtually or in person, our S2S mental performance specialists will discuss goals and performance history while utilizing special assessments to determine what skills will best help you excel!

Continual focus on your mental growth

Each mental performance specialist will continue to reassess your current skill level and goals to ensure that you do not become stagnant on your journey towards new levels of peak performance in all areas of life!

Mental Perfromance Virtual

What happens during the first session?
During your first session you will meet with our expert, licensed professional counselor, or our certified mental performance consultant. You will discuss your history and concerns, the reason for your visit, and other factors related to your present condition or goals. Together, you will develop an individualized gameplan to reach these goals and beyond.
What happens during follow-up visits?
After your initial session, your visits will be uniquely tailored to address your needs and goals using cutting-edge research and skills. If new concerns arise, they will be discussed and incorporated into your gameplan.
Do you take insurance?
In many cases, professional counseling is covered by insurance. S2S Functional Performance is in-network with most private payers. Performance consulting, in most cases, is not covered by insurance. If you are unsure of the type of support that you would benefit from, our Mental Performance Team can work with you to figure out the best fit. S2S Functional Performance does offer self-pay options for each of our services.
Are virtual sessions beneficial?
Virtual sessions are a great way to receive consulting and/or counseling from the convenience of your own environment. The virtual process is easy to use and meets all the HIPAA/Confidentiality requirements.