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Where the mind leads, the body will follow. Our professional counseling team helps you discover how your mind affects your performance.

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Participating in sports can impact an individual in a number of different ways. Sports and Performance activities can impact coping strategies, social interactions, family dynamics, personal identity and future planning. In the same way, your relationships, personal identity, and future planning can impact performance.

S2S Performance Consulting focuses primarily on helping athletes use psychological principles and skills to achieve optimal mental health and to improve their performance. The American Psychological Association defines sports and exercise psychology as “the scientific study of the psychological factors associated with participation and performance in sports, exercise, and other types of physical activity.” Simply put, where your mind leads, your body will follow.

Beyond sports psychology, we also incorporate several interpersonal and cognitive-behavioral techniques to help you maximize your sense of well-being both on the field and off.

Our goal is to help you train your mind as well as your body. With performance consulting, you’ll be able to discover how your mind affects your performance and what it takes to get to the next level.

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performance consulting

There are two approaches to Sport Psychology. One focuses on teaching psychological skills for performance enhancement and the other focuses on psychotherapy techniques to better understand the athlete as a person outside of sport. At S2S, our counselor understands the benefits to both approaches and integrates them into your sessions depending on your needs. By integrating training in confidence, performance routines, visualization/imagery, goal setting and stress management, our licensed professional counselor helps athletes achieve peak performance while coping with the numerous pressures athletes face.

injury consulting

Injuries can be as emotionally difficult as they are physically. Your care will be as comprehensive as possible with access to a licensed professional counselor, board certified physical therapists, and STOTT Pilates instructors. Depending on the severity and length of recovery, athletes can experience sadness, decreased appetite, lack of sleep, anxiety, stress, frustration, and isolation. These can cause an athlete to skip essential rehabilitation steps in hopes to progress quicker, which could lengthen the recovery process if not adequately addressed. Our instructors can also help provide alternative training options to increase strength and functional fitness while minimizing impact on the body.

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