Getting the Most Out Of Your Workout During COVID-19

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Getting the Most Out of Workouts During COVID-19

Coping during COVID-19 has required us all to think outside the box in this new world.  Each of us has been faced with the opportunity to learn all kinds of adaptations to our ways of doing everyday things. As  certified fitness instructors and personal trainers in the world of pilates and fitness, this is no exception. “How do we make sure our clients are getting the most out of workouts during COVID-19?”

The staff at S2S Functional Performance® has been embracing this unprecedented time by providing new and innovative options for our S2S’ers. Our combined years of working with clients of all ages and fitness levels has prepared us to step up to the challenge.

It is a well-known fact that one’s success in a fitness regime is dependent upon proper training. To lose this key benefit during the pandemic was not an option for our loyal and hard-working S2S Fitness clients. Three reasons that our people find working with a qualified fitness trainer is beneficial include:

  • The trainer’s knowledge, expertise, and experience.
  • It is a “Stress Free Hour”! No conference calls, no yelling, no planning- just let your body do the work and let your mind relax!
  • Accountability, Accountability, Accountability!

Providing this service in a new social distancing climate is not as difficult as one would think.   The team at S2S Functional Performance® has adapted during the pandemic by offering virtual fitness sessions in addition to our in house small group schedule.

Without a doubt, we have found our clients really enjoy this service and still receive the benefits of having a qualified trainer!

In the world of Virtual Sessions, our clients have given us some incredible feedback and state exercising from one’s own home has been extremely comforting.

First, zero travel time = easier scheduling. “I can be much more productive and fit it into the nooks and crannies so much easier!” Second, 100% limited exposure to the virus. #nomasks Finally, having the appropriate resources has not been any trouble. “From technology to fitness equipment, S2S has the means to make working out from home easy.”

Often clients neglect to give virtual options a chance because they do not think they have enough equipment. In fact, limited equipment at home does not negatively affect the experience! A few things that can be used include light weight dumbbells, Thera-bands or tubing, a stability ball or BOSU.  The most important piece of equipment is one’s own body! Do not discount the effectiveness of body weight work and “mat” Pilates which uses no equipment at all!  Some folks do have TRX suspension straps, perfect for home workouts, while other people may have more elaborate gyms and equipment.  We use all of them here in the studio and know how to get the most out of any combination of equipment. Again, none of these things are necessary for an effective workout.

Working with a personal trainer can also bring families together! Technology allows the virtual session to be a time when friends and families can come together.  The social separation has been hard for us all. The team at S2S suggests working out in a private group session with your friends across the globe will prevent feelings of isolation and solitude! Who knew that while your sister may be in Kansas, and you are in Florida- you can still work out with your favorite S2S Fitness trainer here in Texas!

by: Christi Brown, S2S PIlates Instructor

The team at S2S Functional Performance® is looking forward to helping you get the most out of your workouts during COVID-19! Schedule a visit today, in the virtual space or here in the facility!

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