Orthopedic Treatment:

Neck & back



The Journal of Orthopedic & Sports Physical Therapy states that in the US, low back as well as neck pain are amongst the most common reasons people seek health care and in doing so, this condition is associated with the highest overall healthcare costs. 

In just the last 12 years, advances have been made in the way low back pain should be treated. 


At S2S, we provide you with the most current research, evidence, and treatments available in the care of both low back and neck pain. 

At S2S we have an evidenced based, patient centered approach to low back pain. 

  • We are concerned about making your plan centered around your goals, expectations, and beliefs.
  • We will provide you with high level medical information regarding our findings when screening and evaluating your case of spine related pain.
  • We take into consideration all contributing factors including stress and other events. 
  • We will educate you on research-based, best practices when it comes to making decisions about your pain. Questions we can help you answer include but are not limited to: Should I have Imaging? Should I have surgery? Do I need to stop a certain activity? When can I resume a certain activity?
  • We will spend time providing you with a thorough physical examination.
  • Your physical therapist will continually monitor your progress, incorporate safe movement education(both your daily activities as well as specific exercise)
  • Help you understand that your recovery is dependent on your efforts, and
  • Always provide more than just one solution

S2S Functional Performance is a lower cost, healthy solution to help you avoid surgical care as well as reduce the amount of medication necessary to control your pain. 

At S2S, you will find we want you to enjoy your work, your life, and all the activities you love. We do not believe your back pain should inhibit you!

Common Spine related conditions that we treat: 

You might benefit from physical therapy if you are experiencing the following, but not limited to: 

  • Acute low back or neck pain: 
  • Sudden onset low back pain/stiffness
  • Sudden onset neck pain/stiffness
  • Pain that radiates into the legs or arms
  • Arthritic Conditions
  • Spinal Stenosis
  • Degenerative Disc Disease
  • Scoliosis
  • Post surgical care – Following Back or Neck Surgery
  • Work Related Low Back Pain
  • Chronic Low Back Pain
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Headaches
  • Infant Torticollis
  • Herniated Disc

Your path to greater movement.

Every year, more than 1,000 people walk through the doors of S2S and we want you to be one of them.