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Physical therapists play a vital role in the collaborative care of concussion management. A physical therapist can assess symptoms to determine if you have a concussion as well as treat you by providing a personalized approach. Concussions are a brain injury and should be treated by a qualified health care professional. S2S therapists have undergone advanced certifications through entities such as ImPACT and 360 Neuro Health

According to Choose PT, Concussion is a traumatic brain injury that can cause lasting effects on brain tissue and change the chemical balance of the brain. Concussion may cause physical, cognitive, and behavioral symptoms and problems, both short-term and long-term. Every concussion is considered a serious injury by health care providers. If you have experienced a head injury, seek medical help immediately.

The Centers for Disease Control estimates that 1.6 million to 3.8 million people experience concussions during sports and recreational activities annually in the United States. These numbers may be underestimated, as many cases are likely never reported. A physical therapist can assess symptoms to determine if a concussion is present, and treat your injury by guiding you through a safe and personalized recovery program.

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