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functional dry needling (FDN)

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Functional Dry Needling, or FDN, is an intervention utilizing a solid, monofilament needle inserted directly into a taut band of muscle or a trigger point with the goal of decreasing pain, increasing range of motion, and improving function.

Unlike acupuncture, FDN relies on anatomy to direct where the needle is inserted into the body and is most effectively utilized as part of a multi-modal treatment including exercise and hands-on manual therapy as provided by a licensed physical therapist.

FDN works to improve the environment for healing in a damaged or dysfunctional tissue.  When muscles become dysfunctional, they begin to change their mechanical, chemical, and electrical makeup – this translates to your brain as pain! Functional Dry Needling helps to “reset” these dysfunctional muscles on all three of these levels as well as stimulating the area of your brain that helps to relieve pain. 

Functional Dry Needling can be performed approximately every 5-7 days based on specific injury, response to treatment, and the desired goal.

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