Lexi Rix Spotlight


I first heard about S2S from a hip specialist who highly recommended Meredith based on her unique methods. Although I was living in Fort Worth at the time, I was willing to make the drive for a physical therapist so highly recommended by a great doctor. I had already been through 3 rounds of physical therapy for my unexplained back pain that had been going on for months. I was so blessed to find Meredith at S2S! I immediately felt comforted by Meredith’s genuine interest in me as a person. Then I quickly came to trust her too, as she took the time to really understand how my body works and then taught me to relieve my pain. It took some time, but I eventually rewired my mindset instilled by my dance teachers to push, push, push and instead I learned just the right amount I need to push myself before I’m just being counterproductive! That was a big one for me that will last throughout my lifetime. Through physical therapy, I was hoping to find relief for my pain and regain functions of life that I was missing out on. Continued hard work and a team effort allowed me to reach this goal– which I feel so lucky to get to say today!


S2S is different than any other physical therapy or fitness facility I have ever seen. The clear objective of S2S is to develop strength in a way that’s meaningful and most healthy for the individual. And S2S continues to honor this commitment. At S2S I am known, and I’m empowered to strengthen my body in the way that’s best for me.

I continue to choose S2S because I am confident that I am working to strengthen my body in the exact way it needs. Through the physical therapy I learned so much about how to help my body and I continually learn through the knowledgeable staff members on the fitness side who know me and team up with me to care for my body. I don’t just attend classes to get a work out, I also get an education! I know that whether I’m feeling strong or having an issue, S2S will be there to help restore my body!

After having hip surgery, S2S helped me go from immense pain to a point of strength I hadn’t experienced in years. And after all that, I felt so thankful to be able to continue my journey with fitness classes. I started out with pilates– that seemed more like my work in physical therapy– and then eventually even conquered hard core classes! My body progressed way beyond my expectations! I continue to rely on S2S to help me maintain strength and I know that they will help me shatter my future goals. I can’t say how grateful I am to be a part of the S2S family!

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