My neck and arm pain is driving me crazy!

Neck Pain

Can S2S® physical therapists help my unbearable arm and neck pain!?

Over the last month, the team at S2S® has had an increase in patients complaining of pins and needles in a single arm. They often explain that the pain is debilitating as it is affecting their ability to not only work but also enjoy down time and rest.

Neck pain most frequently affects adults aged 30 to 50 years. It is estimated that neck pain affects approximately 30% of the US population each year.

The pain often extends into the arm and hand and seems to worsen when they are trying to sleep, work on the computer and cook.  Poor posture, prolonged sitting and certain athletic activities are common causes of these reported symptoms. The arm may feel weak at times and it may or may not also be associated with a loss of head movement.

As more people are working from home and working out on their own currently, the prevalence of suffering from these symptoms has increased.

These signs, whereas, nagging, bothersome and defeating, are common among physical therapy patients but they are not normal. When certain nerves are affected, the pain can extend beyond the back of the neck to areas such as the upper back, shoulder, and arm.

When addressed quickly, interventions provided by a licensed PT can provide relief and full recovery. Most cases of cervical radiculopathy are resolved with physical therapy and do not require surgery.

Are you concerned about an increased level of abnormal sensations and pain in an arm or hand?

Please reach out to us as we would love to be able to help you whether in house, or via telehealth!



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