Research Proves S2S Is Right On Target!


At S2S, are we ahead of our time!!!

A recent article in More magazine discusses the BEST research based exercises associated with specific fitness
goals. The goals discussed included 1) Being Healthy, 2) Improving Posture, 3) Getting Thinner, and 4) Staying
Strong Throughout Life.

Research states that Pilates, as few as 2x/ week, improves posture. Poor posture has been linked to decreased lung
capacity as well as poor digestion! Not to mention it is not very attractive. Pilates will assist in getting your
shoulders back, and reducing the hump that can form at the base of your neck (Dowager’s Hump), as well as make
you appear taller!

Research has determined that high intensity resistance training with TRX and kettlebells will increase the ability to
burn calories for as much as 22 hours post workout! As the old adage states, “calories in must be less than calories
out” to achieve a slim figure. TRX and kettlebell workouts will put you on the right path!

Hardcore was developed at S2S in 2009; A method based on the research supporting High intensity interval
training, HIIT, workouts. HIIT is becoming a popular term amongst avid exercisers and the results may be the
reason! In this class, we alternate bouts of “hardcore” activity with periods of rest. Therefore, it is possible to burn
more calories and achieve a higher heart rate. In doing so, blood sugar levels drop and the chance of acquiring
Diabetes II is reduced!

Our goal at S2S is to know personally both YOU and YOUR goals! It brings us much joy to know that research has
proven we have a method to help you achieve your unique fitness goals. The good news is, often times just
choosing a method that makes you happy will satisfy multiple fitness goals. Ask us how we can help you Reach
Beyond Your Goals!

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