S2S Core Value: Honor

S2S Shine


In recognition of our 2019 slogan, SHINE19, the S2S team has been highlighting and emphasizing our core values this year.  We remember them utilizing the acronym R.E.A.C.H: relationships, excellence, achievement, commitment and HONOR. 

We cultivate relationships, not only to each other, but to all those we serve.  

We pursue excellence by always staying mindful as we provide each client/patient with the BEST care. We take pride in our work and responsibilities and perform our tasks with the upmost integrity. 

We support and encourage each other while striving to achieve new goals and new certifications.  Our goal is seeing our patients and clients achieve success.  

We demonstrate commitment to each other, our community and the success of all our patients and clients. 

For some reason, I was having a difficult time figuring out how to exemplify the word honor, although I was confident that was an important value. 

The first 4 values can be quantified. For instance, one can make efforts to improve relationships through communication, genuineness, listening, and caring. As both individuals and a team we can work to achieve new goals. From advanced levels of education and credentials to helping more people reach new heights together. Commitment is measured by our willingness to see all our clients/patients win.  

Honor, however, wasn’t an objective attribute.  As a leader,  I could not just say to another “HONOR this” or “HONOR that”. It wasn’t until my grandmother passed away in Mid-June that I was struck with a beautiful reminder. While running within days of her passing, I felt the Lord telling me that I should speak at the funeral. My dear moma had been the caregiver for Grandma and really needed to mourn and rest. I just felt amongst the siblings and cousins; I could do this. Wow, what an honor I thought. Ah-ha!

Honor is a feeling and a virtue. Honor holds a different place I believe. To honor is to feel proud, to feel affection, to feel reverence and to feel a privilege. 

Romans 12:10

“Love each other with genuine affection and take delight in honoring each other.”

My grandparents lived a life that made their family proud. Together they worked hard, they selflessly cared for others, they gave generously, they loved unconditionally.  As leaders, they knew how to discipline us and give us responsibility. Additionally, my grandparents taught us how to do things, they were patient, kind and supportive.

I cannot sum up all of the reasons why speaking at grandma’s funeral gave me such honor– but it made me realize this:

I want this for the team at S2S as well as our community. I hope to be the kind of leader and orchestrator that understands the weight of that responsibility. I hope that others know how much I HONOR this place and the people.  I realize that HONOR starts with me and providing a place that cultivates wanting to show honor. To demonstrate love and servanthood to all of those around us, to do our best job because we honor our individual role and duties. THIS is why HONOR is an S2S Functional Performance® core value.

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