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A word from Ginny, ” In early 2017 I decided to tone up before my son’s May wedding. I wanted some type of exercise that would motivate me- something other than the standard big club cardio and strength training regimens. I had tried Pilates many years earlier and thought that might be a good place to start. I got on the internet and searched for Pilates classes near Flower Mound and after some research decided to check out S2S. I was a little intimidated with the idea that you had to work out in classes, but after 10 private lessons with Christi Brown, I decided it was time to give the classes a try.

Now 2 years later, it was one of the best decisions I made. S2S limits the sizes of the classes to around 6 people so the instructors always have the ability to offer individual guidance on form. S2S also offers a variety of classes from Pilates to The Works to Hardcore to Barre, etc. You can attend any of the classes offered by any of the various trainers as they fit in your individual schedule. And since S2S is a physical therapy center, the staff are well trained on how to modify exercises for injuries.

One of the things I like most about S2S is the overall attitude of the staff and the members themselves. The staff provide some of the best customer service skills of any business I’ve ever been associated with.  They make it a point to get to know the members. It is nice to be acknowledge and appreciated.  The friendships that I have formed with other members over the past two years is one of the main things that keeps me going back. I also like how age doesn’t limit what you can learn in the classes. Sometimes I think “Do they realize how old I am?” but then they break down a new exercise and I’m really excited when I learn something new that I never would have dreamed I could do at my age.

After 2 years of working out on a consistent basis, I feel that I am stronger now than I was in my 20’s and 30’s. The classes at S2S have gone a long way in not only strengthening my body but in strengthening my mind as well.

This past December, I was finally able to get my husband to try S2S. He has always trained with a personal trainer at a big club. I wasn’t sure how he would feel about the experience but am really pleased to say that he is loving it.


A word from Joe, “I learned about S2S from my wife.  I could see the results and how much she enjoyed it so I gave it a try! I love the challenge of each workout. The trainers do a great job of constantly changing the exercises.  The variety makes it challenging and fun. It also works the entire body including cardio. It’s motivating!

I am looking forward to growing with S2S. One thing I have noticed is the absolute professionalism of every person that works there. I can see through my wife’s and my own experience that S2S is more than individual workouts. It’s also about a journey with all the people that work there. It is a very positive environment. I enjoy that a lot

My only goal is consistency. I feel so much better mentally and physically since joining S2S. I want to continually build on that and enjoy the people I work out with. Thanks for a great experience to everyone at S2S. “

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