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As we enter 2017, let’s face it, as a rule, resolutions fail. A study performed by Scranton University states that only 8% of people achieve their New Year’s goals. Why? Most often, goals are too lofty, forcing us to change a behavior our brains just don’t have the power to overcome. We all have habitual responses to certain events programmed in our brains–altering those neural pathways is not as easy and individually possible as resolution makers think.


This year, I challenge you to focus on what you can and will do. Find activities that make you smile and that enable you to find joy while progressing towards healthier habits. In taking smaller, but intentional and scheduled, steps toward fitness, you can alter your brain’s neural pathways towards permanent progress. With new neural pathways, your brain can react differently to situations, and over time, you may choose exercise to ward off stress rather than less positive choices. A recent article published in Sports Medicine suggests that those of us who habitually exercise will exercise more in the face of stress than those who are new to exercise.

Therefore, in 2017, I challenge you to make exercise a priority, an intentional activity. Let’s not force ourselves into unrealistic goals, knowing that when life gets busy and hectic, our brains will fall back into those normal stress reactions and drop those exercise intentions. This year, let’s focus on making exercise a regular part of our routine, something that happens on repeat, so that we miss it when it is not there. Have you ever tried to go 24 hours without sleep or food? Physical activity can become just as noticeably missing as those other imperative activities if we make it necessary!


To create a new habit of exercise, it is important to identify common obstacles to physical activity that can prevent us from being intentional in setting our daily schedules. Often, both time and injuries get in the way of allowing us to stay on the pathway to exercise or fitness goals. At S2S, our mission is to help you find a way to overcome these obstacles. Knowing that each person has different needs and abilities, it is our goal to accommodate you WHEREVER you are and to help you accomplish your fitness goals WHATEVER they may be!



S2S offers 70 classes a week! In our new space, we are excited to offer multiple class types at the same Peak times! Check out our app for weekly class offerings.


S2S offers injury screening and BeWell visits, performed by a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy, to ensure you find a safe and individual path to success! Worried about a nagging pain? Concerned about reinjuring yourself after finally feeling better? Let us help you restore and renew your bodies safely and effectively!


Many Blessings in 2017,

Meredith, Matt & the Girls

P.S. Hope to see you at S2S!

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