YOGA AT S2S: Inspiration from Lauren


What are some of the first thoughts that pop into your head when you hear the word yoga? Or maybe, what are some of the feelings you have associated with this word, either positive or negative. These are some of the questions you may ask yourself when considering adding yoga to your workout routine, or maybe even switching to practicing yoga at S2S from a different studio in town. My name is Lauren Watt, and I am the Yoga instructor at S2S and am excited to share with you some of the many reasons why yoga at S2S is different than other studios, and why I am so passionate about the practice. I have a 200-hour yoga certification through Indigo Yoga, and was trained in the Baptiste method. I would describe the class I teach at S2S as an all levels, vinyasa flow style class.

Q: How would I fit into the Yoga classes offered at S2S?


A: Some of the most common concerns I hear from clients, or potential clients, is that they are not ready for yoga, or they are maybe not “flexible” enough for yoga, or maybe they feel like they would slow the class down because they have never practiced yoga before. I am here to encourage and assure you that Yoga, and especially Yoga at S2S, is for every single person of all levels and ages. Being flexible doesn’t make you any better at yoga than someone who can do the splits. We are all working in our individual bodies trying to improve ourselves, not comparing yourself to the body of the person next to you. Being trained in Baptiste yoga, I have learned how important it is to look at each body as unique and individual, which fits in perfectly to our core values at S2S. We all come from different backgrounds, both physically and emotionally, and I hope and wish that my class reflects that principle. A newcomer may normally feel a little anxious and self-conscious, but doesn’t that apply to all areas of life whenever we try something new? The first and most important step is taking action, committing to trying, and making a goal to not give up even when something is new and uncomfortable. That is how we change and grow, committing to the uncomfortable.

Yoga has changed my life personally on so many levels, and that first level was committing to the uncomfortable. Change is constant, and eminent in our lives. However, as humans, we tend to fear the unknown, and like to stay in old routines and habits we are familiar with, even if they are not the best or healthiest in both physically and emotionally ways. Teaching fitness and mindfulness is something I am extremely passionate about. Health is not only vital to our existence, but for our emotional and mental health as well. When we commit to the uncomfortable, thought patterns change, routines change, ways of living and being can change. This is what yoga did for me, and I hope yoga can do for you. I hope and wish you come and take time for yourself with me by taking care of not only your body, but your mind as well. Allow time and space for yourself to move and breathe.

Q: Why should I practice yoga at a multi-facility studio?

A: So now that I’ve got you interested, why should you pick S2S over another studio? One reason is because of our class size, no more than six people are allowed per class, which offers specialized and individual attention for each of our clients. I am truly able to connect with each and every person that steps onto their mat, and know what injuries they may have and help them with specific modifications. I also enjoy and value each and every one of my clients as individuals and consider them friends. I hope S2S feels like a community, a home, and a safe place to destress and let go. Another unique feature at S2S is that we have so many different types of certifications and training of our instructors and doctors. I am surrounded by STOTT Pilates instructors of all levels, TRX instructors, professional athletes, Doctors of Physical Therapy, Dance instructors, and the list goes on. I am able to work, and train with such knowledgeable and credible people helping me improve and learn as much as I can to make your experience in my class as valuable and safe as possible. I am inspired by my co-workers every single day to continue learning and bettering myself for my clients.





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